This article details the installation of a pre-formed pond and the surrounding habitat.

The pond was purchased at Home Depot for approximately $100.00. It is a Becket Canyon 220 Gallon pond. The pond is 66" x 89" x 18" deep in the middle. There is a plant shelf completely around the pond.

I built this habitat to house several exotic turtles that I ended up with. These turtles need to be overwintered indoors since they do not naturally hibernate. During the warm summer months I wanted to keep them in an outdoor setup.

The first decision to be made is where to place the new habitat. Some considerations include:

I finally settled on a area near one of my other habitats that has a good combination of sun and shade. The pond only gets direct sun for a short time in the late afternoon, but has both sun and shade during the rest of the day. There is a drain near the new habitat that facilitates cleaning the pond and it is in an open area of my property so there where no large roots to contend with during the digging.

The area selected easily accommodated a pen that was 16' X 24' or, using 8' landscape timbers, 2 X 3 timbers.

Materials list

Outlining the hole

I placed the pond on the ground and used the surveyor flags to outline the outside perimeter of the pond. Once the flags were in place, the sharpshooter shovel can be used to define the outside shape of the hole. You want to dig the hole deeper than needed so that it can be lined with packed top soil or sand when the pond is set into the ground. An even layer of packed soil or sand provides uniform support for the pond and prevents punctures from rocks or roots.

Marking the outline of the Pond   Digging the first depth

Digging the deep part

The pre-formed pond has a deeper part in the middle of it. I used surveryor stakes to roughly outline this deeper part and then dug out more dirt to accommodate it.

Creating a level reference around the habitat area

Fitting the hole to the pond

Leveling the pond

Filling the pond - filling the gaps

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