About the GCTTS

The Gulf Coast Turtle & Tortoise Society (GCTTS) is an all volunteer organization that is a state and federally licensed non-profit organization that was founded in 1994 by a group in the Houston area concerned with the plight of turtles and tortoises. We are recognized by the Houston Zoo, Jesse Jones Park, Armand Bayou Nature Center, the Houston Arboretum, the Houston SPCA, and local reptile veterinarians Larry White DVM, Dale Lonsford, DVM and Robin Scott, DVM.

What About Those Baby Water Turtles?

The GCTTS is often asked about the sale of small water turtles. It is against federal regulations to sell or offer for sale turtle eggs or live turtles that are smaller than 4 inches in length.

The "4 Inch Law" is actually an FDA regulation and not a law. It was first written in 1975 as a response to the concern about salmonella poisoning resulting from the wholesale distribution of baby water turtles that was occurring at the time.

GCTTS Membership Information

Annual membership in the Gulf Coast Turtle and Tortoise Society is $15.00 / $25.00 / $50.00 per year per address. All memberships are the same. The level you join at just determines how much extra you would like to donate to help the turtles and tortoises. All membership levels will receive a newspost published several times per year.

You can download our Membership Application in PDF here: Membership Application

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