Expression of Disgust...

Lately I've been reading more about the demand for turtle meat and other parts for food and use as medicines. My problem is not so much with the idea of using turtles for food and Asian medicine. My problem is with countries allowing the hunting of their native wild turtles to extinction. For example, China has allowed many of their species to become severely endangered or extinct. The demand of the meat and other parts in Asian culture does NOT give them the right to hunt a species to extinction! Commercial collection has to be regulated and laws ENFORCED. If the demand is so high, the captive breeding of turtles should be supported in the countries where the problem is. Don't just start buying turtles from other countries. The U.S. has been guilty of supporting some of this. The demand in China for our U.S. turtles is great and we mustn't allow greedy people here to hunt OUR native turtles to extinction. The U.S. is a wealthy country and there are other ways people can make money here that don't involve hunting animals to extinction.

I'm just disgusted with countries that don't care about their native wildlife. Many countries in Africa have such corrupt governments that they do not spend their money in ways that would benefit the people. I don't mean providing a welfare system. I mean using money in ways that would help people obtain work so they can support themselves in a legal manner. Most poaching in these countries is done to support and feed a family because there is no other way to live in the area.

Waring political armies run people out of their towns, taking their lands. It's very difficult to make a living if the government is always in turmoil and you are run off your land and you are a farmer. Many countries spend all their efforts trying to prevent another dictator from taking over. Corrupt dictators want power and money. The people suffer because of this and then the native animals suffer. It can be a big snowball effect.

A big portion of these problems are out of our control but we can help locally by staying informed, voting and being apart of educational organizations.

This is my blog but I think others in the GCTTS would agree with what I've said. (sigh) Sometimes you just have to make your frustrations vocal before you can move on...